Hands On Two Day Seminars

The Hellenic Society of Periodontology will organize hands on seminars of clinical periodontology, for the academic year 2013-2014, as follows :  

Αthens, Friday & Saturday, December 12-13, 2014. 

Kastoria, Friday & Saturday, May 8-9 2015 in cooperation with the Kastoria Dental Society 

The newly designed hands on two day seminars of clinical periodontology comprise presentations of basic principles of etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of periodontal disease, videos of selected cases, simulation of scaling and root planing in plastic models and presentation of basic surgical techniques and sutures in pig's jaws, to small groups of dentists.

 The seminar focus in subjects related to every day clinical practice of periodontology. Presentation of scientific data precedes clinical practice and guidelines.

 The presentations and videos have been fully refreshed and the latest evolutions and their effect to treatment have been integrated to the seminar.

 Νew interesting subjects such as full mouth disinfection, periodontal inflammation and systematic health, implants in the periodontal patient and supportive periodontal treatment have been added. 



First Day, Friday 09:00-16:30


Periodontal disease. Current status

  • Etiology Pathogenesis Classification
  • Diagnosis Prognosis Treatment plan
  • Periodontitis and Systemic Health


Reduction of microbial biofilm

  • Mechanical removal of deposits
  • Full mouth disinfection
  • Lasers
  • Chemical control of biofilm


Hands on


  • Scaling and root planing (hand instruments & ultrasonics)
  • Sharpening of hand instruments


Hands on

  • Patient motivation - Oral hygiene tools
  • Instruments, sharpening
  • Simulation of scaling and root planing in plastic models with calculus


Second Day, Saturday 09:00-16:30


Surgical treatment

  • Βasic surgical principles 
  • Sterilization
  • Instruments-Needles-Sutures


  • Flaps-Open flap debridement-Resective techniques-Crown lengthening
  • Regenerative techniques-Membranes-Grafts-Growth factors


  • Periodontal plastic surgery
  • Implants in periodontal patients
  • Supportive periodontal treatment


Hands on


  • Emdogain use in the surgical treatment of endosseous lesions
  • Widman flap
  • Surgical treatment of recession with connective tissue graft


Hands on

  • Suture techniques
  • Flaps in pig's jaws


Seminars Coordinators: Charalampos Kalaitzakis, Panagiotis Dagalis

Speakers: D. Αpatzidou, S. Vasilopoulos, I. Vouros, P. Dagalis, P. Damoulis, X. Dereka, S. Zisopoulos, Ν. Εfthimiadis, C. Κalaitzakis, Α. Κonstantinidis, Α. Bakopoulos, G. Baltas, L. Batas, V. Panis, Α. Papageorgiou, A. Parashis, Α. Poulios, D. Sakellari 

The scientific content of the seminars produced C. Kalaitzakis, G. Baltas, and Α. Parashis

Place: The seminar of December 12-13, 2014 will take place at the society's headquarters, Ilidos 54-56, Athens. 

Cost: Fees are 100 euro for members of the Hellenic Society of Periodontology and 130 euro for non members.

Avalaibility only for 30 persons. Confirmation of place only after payment of the fees.

Registrants must contact the secretary of the society to get information about necessary equipment for the seminars.

Certificates of attedance will be awarded.



Hellenic Society of Periodontology, Ilidos 54-56, 11527, Athens

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Telephone: + 30 2107484167

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