Volume 23 (2013)

Online publication: June 22, 2014

Contents (p. 2-6)

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Introductory Note by the Editorial Committee (p. 7-8)

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Nutrition and periodontal disease (p. 9-32)

Mela E., Scoufou I., Vassilopoulos S., Panis V.

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Key words: periodontal disease, nutrition, metabolic syndrome, oxidative stress


Clinical limits of effective non-surgical periodontal treatment (p. 33-50)

El-Sioufi I., Dereka X.

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Key words: non-surgical periodontal therapy, microbial agent, clinical limits


Alveolar ridge preservation using xenogeneic collagen matrix and bone allograft: Case series (p. 51-66)

Parashis A., Kalaitzakis Ch., Tatakis D., Tosios K.

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Key words: aggressive periodontitis, dental implants, implant success, history of periodontal disease


Surgical treatment of recurrent drug-induced gingival overgrowth with the application of three different approaches. A case report (p. 67-80)

Gkogkos A., Karoussis I., Panis V.

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Key words: cyclosporine-Α, phenytoin, calcium channel blockers, gingivectomy, laser


Basic Principles and Application of Laser Irradiation in Periodontology (p. 81-102)

Κatsikanis F., Strakas D., Vouros I.

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Key Words: laser irradiation, periodontal disease, periodontal therapy, Nd:YAG laser, Er:YAG laser, diode laser, non-surgical periodontal therapy


The European Federation of Periodontology news 2013 (p. 103-108)

Periodontology: the case for automatic recognition of a professional qualification

Position paper on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directive 2013/55/EU

George Baltas

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Author guidelines (p.109)

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