Volume 25 (2016)



Online publication: September 1st, 2017

Contents (p. 2-6)

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Introductory Note by the Editorial Committee (p. 9-10)

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12th Symposium of Periodontology (p. 11-14)

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Simplified procedures for periodontal regeneration (p. 15-19)

Trombelli L.

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Transplantation of autologous alveolar bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in the regenerative treatment of periodontal defects; human clinical applications (p. 21-24)

Apatzidou D., Bakopoulou A.

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Patient-based implant treatment planing (p. 25-34)

Pagni G.

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The second award of the “F. Mitsis Prize” (p. 35-36)

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The role of IL-1 gene polymorphisms in the pathogenesis of periodontitis (p. 37-49)

Pani P., Theoharides T., Papathanasiou E.

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Key words: interleukin-1 (IL-1), gene polymorphisms, genetics, periodontitis

The effect of P. gingivalis LPS on the expression and release of pro-inflammatory mediators in human mast cells andits relevance with periodontal inflammation: an in vitro study (p. 51-66)

Palaska I., Gagari E., Theoharides T.

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Key words: Periodontitis, LPS, mast cells, pro-nflammatory mediators

Current views on the pathogenesis and treatment of Periimplantitis (p. 67-92)

Tsiraki M., Vouros I.

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Key words: Periimplantitis, etiology, microbiology, pathogenesis, prevelance, treatment

Contemporary concepts in the non-surgical periodontal treatment (p. 93-103)

Mataftsi M., Vouros I.

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Key words: Non-surgical periodontal treatment, contemporary concepts, minimally-invasive non-surgical periodontal treatment

Aggressive periodontitis: Current knowledge (p. 105-125)

Maragkou T., Seferli P.

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Key words: Aggressive periodontitis, diagnosis, etiopathogenesis, treatment

The European Federation of Periodontology news 2016 (p. 127-132)

Baltas G.

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Author guidlines (p. 133-143)

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