Periodontologica Analecta


Danae Apatzidou

Ioannis Vouros

Xanthippi Dereka

Anthoula Diamanti-Kipioti

Vasilios Panis


Anthoula Diamanti-Kipioti


Ioannis Vrotsos

Anthoula Diamanti-Kipioti

Antonis Konstantinidis

Andreas Parashis


Print ISSN: 1105-3054

Web ISSN: 1792-3387

Frequency: Once a year 

The aim of Periodontologica Analecta is to provide a forum for the dissemination of up-to-date clinical and scientific progress in the field of Periodontology and related disciplines to practicing clinicians, researchers, scholars, and colleagues in the academic field. From 2006 on, the journal adopted a monograph format that comprehensively covers a special topic per issue and provides a vital supplement to the current periodontal literature. The editor-in-chief forms the list of contents and invites respective clinicians and researchers to develop the featured central theme of the issue. The peer-reviewed journal is published once a year. Periodontologica Analecta is the official publication of the Hellenic Society of Periodontology. 

Νews and Αnnouncements

Periodontologica Analecta goes online and open access !

During the past few years, several renowned international journals have progressed electronically to become available online. The Board of Directors of the Hellenic Society of Periodontology and the new editor-in-chief are proud to announce that Periodontologica Analecta goes online! For the first time this year, the printed publication is accompanied by an online counterpart containing all the papers in a downloadable pdf format. The website of the Hellenic Society of Periodontology is the official host of the electronic journal. More importantly, the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Society of Periodontology elected to embrace the completely free and unrestricted online retrievability. The journal's open access policy is in alignment with similar strategies of a growing number of institutions, agencies, and other publications. 

Periodontologica Analecta is now bilingual !

Starting with the Anniversary 20th Volume in 2009, Periodontologica Analecta is published in both Greek and English language. Even though Greek remains the official language of Periodontologica Analecta, printing in English will break the restricted boundaries of the Greek audience and will increase the readability of the journal. These important recent developments in the 20-year long history of Periodontologica Analecta will provide substantial visibility, readership, and impact for the published papers and will bring the journal in today's highly competitive, rapidly changing scientific publishing enviroment.

Hellenic Society of Periodontology

The Hellenic Society of Periodontology is a member of the European Federation of Periodontology since 1993.

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