Subscription & Rates

Subscriptions to the printed form of Periodontologica Analecta are available to both members of the Hellenic Society of Periodontology and the public, as well as to institutions including universities, libraries etc. Subscription to the printed journal is mandatory to the active members of the Hellenic Society of Periodontology. The access to the electronic journal is free.

Τhe annual subscription rates for the printed journal are as follows :

  • 20 euro for members of the Hellenic Society of Periodontology 
  • 25 euro for members of the European Federation of Periodontology and domestic subscriptions
  • 50 euro for international subscriptions
  • 80 euro for institutional subscriptions
  • 10 euro for back volumes 1 (1990), 3 (1992), 5 (1994), 6 (1995), 7 (1996), 8 (1997), 9 (1998), 10 (1999)
  • 15 euro for back volumes 11 (2000) through 19 (2008)

Back volumes 2 (1991) and 4 (1993) are out of print.

It should be noted that Periodontologica Analecta was published until 2008 only in the Greek language.

For more information about subscriptions, or to purchase back issues, please send an email to the Publications Administrative Assistant Maria Blazaki at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..